Cosentini’s commissioning group provides testing, maintenance instruction, design review and LEED services for a wide variety of project types including office buildings, corporate headquarters, Tier IV data centers, academic buildings, laboratories, tenant interiors, hospitals, residential buildings and hotels. The advantages of commissioning include improved equipment maintenance and function, cost savings, and improved occupant comfort.

The commissioning process of achieving, verifying and documenting the performance of building systems in accordance with the design intent and the client’s functional and operational needs is becoming one of the most critical components of a project’s development, especially as building systems become more complicated and energy costs continue to rise. 

During construction, the commissioning process allows for a closer adherence to schedule and budget.  During occupancy, commissioning ensures that the facility meets energy efficiency standards, provides adequately trained staff to operate and maintain the building according to the design intent and affords the required levels of indoor air quality, redundancy and comfort conditions expected by our clients.


Services cover:

  • Commissioning plans and reports; 
  • Design reviews for equipment maintenance and serviceability; 
  • Contract document reviews;
  • Construction submittal reviews; 
  • Factory witness testing;
  • Installation verification; 
  • Pre-functional and functional testing; 
  • Operational performance testing; 
  • Integrated systems testing; 
  • Major equipment start-up observation and reviews;
  • Equipment performance warranty reviews; 
  • O&M personnel training; 
  • Post-acceptance activities; 
  • Retro-commissioning; and
  • LEED prerequisite and enhanced commissioning.


Primary contact:
Stefanos Kokotos, CEM, EBCP
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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